Educational Program

The Esperanza Project offers two educational programs which are run by a group of energetic and highly qualified young educators, who are focused on providing high quality, student-centered, English-based programs, which aim to create structured and differentiated learning environments for students of all backgrounds with diverse learning needs. The students of The Esperanza Project are actively involved in designing and running projects which seek to help and improve the local community, which in turn fosters academic growth and overall social development. Between their two schools, the project currently caters to students aged 3 to 18 years old.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to assist lead teachers in the classrooms, as well as lead their own classes, projects or units, depending on their comfort level and interests.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to join us with our educational program during the 2020/2021 academic year from September 2020 to June 2021 for periods of 1 to 9 months.

Program Dates and Fees

Customizable options available between 1 month to 9 months

One month: $1450 USD

Two months: $1950 USD

Three months: $2450 USD

Four months: $2950 USD

Five to nine months: $3350 USD

What is included?

  • private room in a local home for entire length of program
  • typical Dominican breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
  • all project materials
  • 24 hour on-call emergency support
  • local support on and off the project
  • airport pick-up and drop-off to and from home-stay
  • orientation day upon arrival with all staff / dinner in local restaurant
  • school t-shirt

What is not included?

  • airfare
  • travel insurance

Who can volunteer?

All volunteers must be 18 years of age or over by their arrival date into the Dominican Republic. Volunteers should be adventurous, energetic, responsible, and enjoy working with children and youth. They should be open to experiencing and becoming a part of a new culture. Past teaching / classroom experience and Spanish language skills are an advantage , but not essential.

Read past volunteer testimonials…

“The month I spent volunteering at Camp Esperanza has by far been the most rewarding, amazing experience thus far in my life. The town of Cabrera and the locals are so welcoming and make you feel at home instantly. The homestay families are incredible as well. I still keep in touch with my family and think about them constantly. As for the Camp, I cannot put into words just how amazing it is. The energetic, smart, and at times crazy campers will capture a piece of your heart. The kids were by far my favorite part of this entire trip and the sole reason I applied for this opportunity. Just walking into the camp you can see and feel the joy that shines through all the kids. Their contagious smiles will make your day the moment you get to camp and leave you with a similar one that will stay with you all day long. The camp is set up in a way that gets everyone, both young and old campers and even volunteers, excited to participate and have a blast all day long. I am also so thankful for the great friendships I created while volunteering at Camp Esperanza. It is incredible how close you become with the other volunteers and how quickly you create life long friendships. I knew I was going to Cabrera to volunteer and be a counselor, what I did not know was how much of an impact Camp Esperanza, the kids, and town would have on my life. I have learned so much from this experience, created memories, lifelong friendships, and found a new piece of myself. Fiona and Anthony are doing something I could only dream of doing someday. They are bringing people of all ages, from all over the world together to learn, laugh, and spread hope. They forever have a place in my heart and I thank them for what they are doing in the town of Cabrera.” - Shanon from USA

Shanon from USA,
Summer Camp Volunteer

"Volunteering with The Esperanza Project this past summer has been a sincerely unforgettable and life changing experience for me. Where to begin? First of all, I would like to thank Fiona and Anthony for the incredible work they do, not only for the town of Cabrera, but for inspiring each and every one of their volunteers to continue to go out and make a positive difference in the world. I had the opportunity to not only work with one of the most fun-loving and talented groups of children, but I also formed valuable life-long friendships with volunteers from all over Canada and the United States. Not to mention that the people of Cabrera are beyond welcoming and through their love, they are an embodiment of how beautiful life truly is and that every moment should be cherished. As a result, I returned home a more confident, grateful, humble, and radiant person, with a refined sense of what truly matters. I cannot thank the entire Esperanza Project family enough for making this summer so special. A part of my heart will always live in Cabrera and the Esperanza spirit is something I will dearly hold onto forever."

- Ananta from Canada

Ananta from Canada,
School & Summer Camp Volunteer

“I had the privilege of volunteering with The Esperanza Project for almost four months this past spring / summer. My time with the organization was incredibly challenging, meaningful, and magical. I had the opportunity to meet and network with more then 20 young adults from around the world and work together towards a common purpose. Not only did I connect with literally dozens of incredibly talented children, but had the opportunity to become a part of a community I did not know existed. The Dominican Republic is an incredible country that always seems to remind people life’s magic and leaves people with something they’ll cherish for the rest of their life. I recommend volunteering with The Esperanza Project to anyone who is looking for an adventure and is ready to discover what life is all about.” - Roshan from Canada

Roshan from Canada,
School & Summer Camp Volunteer